Witch of Dusk

  • Where Did the Phrase 4:20 Come From?

    Happy 4/20! We have been using the phrase 420 for so long, many might not even stop to wonder where it came from.  In the ‘70s, a group of high s...
  • Different Forms of Divination Tools

    1. Divination Medallion 2. Rune Stones 3. Pendulum 4. Tarot
  • The Burial Place of Marie Laveau: Voodoo Queen

    The rumoured burial place of the famous Marie Laveau is in a cemetery in New Orleans, one of the most richly historic places in the United States...
  • How to Become a Witch

    Quite frequently, people interested in different forms of the occult or pagan practices ask "How Do I Become a Witch?" The answer is easy.
  • Our Spell Amulet Guide

    Our spell amulets are designed to be a way to carry a spell with you. Scroll down for some recipes for creating your own spell amulet. These are j...