Witch of Dusk Spell Amulet Guide

Our Spell Amulet Guide

Our spell amulets are designed to be a way to carry a spell with you. Scroll down for some recipes for creating your own spell amulet.

These are just ideas, substitute any words, steps, or ingredients you need to make it your own!

These pendants can contain:

  • written spells
  • herbs & oils
  • drawn sigils
  • depictions of deities
  • photos
  • wax
  • incense
  • knot spells
  • or a powerful combination of the above!

For more information for witches, we have pinterest guide boards or post informative stories on instagram.

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Image says "Spell Amulets" and has a picture of open locket with spell ingredients inside

Image saying "Protection Spell Ingredients: cedar, salt, obsidian, amethyst, incense, mint extract, sigils, written intention"

Protection Spell

Image saying "Confidence Spell Ingredients: cinnamon, red wax, honey, tiger's eye, salt, orange extract, written intention"

Confidence Spell

Image saying "Romance Spell Ingredients: rose petals, baby's breath, red pepper flakes, garnet, sugar, vanilla extract, written intention"

Romance Spell

Image saying "Anti-Anxiety Spell Ingredients: lavender, amethyst, chamomile, incense, eucalyptus extract, written intention"

Anti-Anxiety Spell

Knot Spell Instructs Diagram