How to Become a Witch

How to Become a Witch:

Quite frequently, people interested in different forms of the occult or pagan practices ask "How Do I Become a Witch?"

The answer is easy: You have been a witch since before you even considered being a witch. 

What makes someone a witch?

Generally, although everyone practices their own path, as soon as you are practicing or believing— you are a witch. 

How do I begin practicing?

Research, research and more research. Study history of witches, the different paths and belief systems. You will find what calls to you. The fact that you are ready to research shows you have already felt called. As you read, specific (or not specific) ways of practicing will feel right to you. There are many books devoted to different forms of witchcraft and these will help you the most.

Then— jump in. Wherever you feel comfortable. Some light practices can include wearing crystals, manifestation and meditation. Others might consider setting up an altar. Once you've set up your space, it is easier to get into the mind-frame needed for practicing witchcraft. The rules for practicing vary with every different belief system, which is why it's important to research first. There are so many different paths that there can't be a blanket set of rules for everyone.

Do I need to buy anything to get started?

This depends at what point you are starting at. Practices such as meditation require only your mind, your breathing, perhaps some music from Youtube. Other practices, you might wish to have tools, but these do not have to be expensive. Many typical items are available in grocery stores and dollar stores. If you enjoy gardening, you can grow and brew your own herbs and spells. We recommend not jumping into buying pre-made spells from people. It is better to know yourself what energy has been put into it, and is more powerful if you put it together yourself. Look up some simple ingredient lists and spells, and you might find you have most of the items at home!


Written by: Lena, Owner of Witch of Dusk

Cover photo by: Adreasteva